Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Natal

You put your all into whatever you want and do. You don’t know how to play it small or why anyone would bother to do so. This likely prompts you to be impatient with people who do. You believe in high-minded courage and endeavors that bring out the very best in people. Yet, you must wisely learn how and when to give your total dedication since you can’t give more than you have. You perhaps can accomplish more if you learn to break up tasks into chunks rather than believing that you should, and can, tackle everything all at once. To be sure, a big life lesson is learning the true scope of your capabilities and talents rather than relying on any inflated notions of what they are. No one, of course, can tell you who you are and what you can do. But you owe to yourself to know your limits, if only to surpass them.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Transit

“So much to do, so little time,” often becomes a fitting refrain for this transit. You see possibilities in nearly everything, whether you have any actual proof for that or not. But, of course, you know that possibility is not the same as certainty. Without exercising discretion, you could find yourself chasing too much and missing out on what tasks, people or aspects of your life deserve more priority. You perhaps overestimate how much you can do, or even how much you want to do. In the heat of the moment, you can easily overcommit because you want to be a superhero and relish the thrill of action and adventure. Yet, you can save yourself and others discomfort by keeping your eyes close to the ground before you soar up into the rarefied air of dreaming that you can do more than you can.

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