Mars Square Sun

Mars Square Sun Natal

Everything seems to glow with the vitality and power of the sun, and you want to be burned as brightly. You feel a strong need to prove yourself. And that's a good thing because circumstances or other people will want to test you, too. You can either choose to face these tests with anger and frustration, perhaps with endless squabbles with others and seemingly pointless internal battles with yourself about your failings. Or you can calmly accept that you indeed go looking for life's challenges and sometimes those challenges come looking for you. Yet, the one constant can be your belief that it all helps you to become stronger, better, and more competent. You don't need to hold on to anger or frustration. You can instead embrace your courage and marvel at how life finds a way to charge and keep active all that it loves, including you.

Mars Square Sun Transit

Surges of energy from this transit might compel you to be more impulsive than usual. That can be very useful if you've felt stuck by circumstances or people you fear or hem you in. You'll probably find it easier to stand up for yourself, but it might be difficult to choose appropriate ways to express your frustration or anger. All you know is that you want to get it out. That desire might be better expressed through physical endeavors, especially outdoors or in the sun. Other times, especially when you're too fired up with excitement or agitation, you need to find ways to cool down. You're primed to bring the heat. You can inspire and take charge when necessary.  But you must be careful not to bring kindling to a forest fire. So, before you rush headlong into situations, assess carefully how you can best add to it.

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