Mars opposite Venus

Mars Opposite Venus Natal

You perhaps fear that you must curb your pleasures to behave in ways that are tamer or restrained for others. It's not that you're always a lustful creature ready to lunge at the first tasty dish or potential sexual partner who comes your way. But you don't like being told who you should like, how or when. For instance, if you come from a very religious family, you might struggle with your sexual nature. Likewise, it's difficult to catch your romantic and pleasurable rhythm with others as there's always some push-pull between you. You feel that things would be so much simpler with others if they just agreed to do what you want! Yet, you arrive at more beautiful and calmer relationships when you recognize and respect that you can negotiate about what you want, without demands, ultimatums, or guile. They can come free and clear with love expressed honestly and without fear of continuous rejection.  

Mars Opposite Venus Transit

You're prone to want what you want now, and you're likely not too happy about having to play nice to get it. In fact, playing nice is a game you're not willing to play much more. Yet, there is a difference between boldly going for what you want and "niceties." Being nice can be a way to be inauthentic about what you want in order to keep the peace. Yet, perhaps what you want most is to let some kind of savage beast out that has been denied too long. One expression of this beast might be sexual, but it could also manifest through your appetite or anything else that incites you to ecstasy and pleasure. Perhaps you'd do better to reframe "the beast" as a possibly cuddly aspect of yourself that's become fierce because you've caged it up with too much denial and efforts to keep the peace. You can be more forthright now, but you don't have to shatter the peace.

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