Mars Conjunct Moon

Mars Conjunct Moon Natal

You truly were "born ready." Though the problem is that you can easily lose track of what you’re eager to be ready for. You're ready for action, but that can also mean you're jumpy and can spring impulsively into doing something with little thought about whether you want to finish what you've started or if you really wanted to do anything in the first place. Likewise, your feelings seem to have a life of their own. You perhaps seem perpetually on the defensive, prepared for someone to lob an offensive comment or slight your way. Or you're equally primed to launch a preemptive attack if you even suspect someone might be getting over on you. You must learn how to release your natural-born readiness from any unshakable confidence that your feelings and thoughts are wholly accurate without any need for reassessment. With more true faith in your ability to take care of yourself, you can be truly open to any opportunities or obstacles that come your way.

Mars Conjunct Moon Transit

Your boundaries are sharp, and so are your emotions and feelings. You're compelled to protect and defend what's yours, however you define that. This is a great transit if now you must take a stand and show others that you're no pushover. But if you don't have anything clearly to shield, then you can instead come off edgy and defensive. One wrong word or gesture could easily fan your anger from a smoldering moodiness into a fiery fight with even a loved one for no clear reason. You're not looking to take anyone's BS. The problem is that you're looking for something to be angry about rather than being open. You trust your feelings supremely rather than recognizing that your emotions are filtered through your perceptions. You must be mindful that you are sizing up a situation correctly before you strikeout. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good.

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