Mars Sextile Venus

Mars Sextile Venus Natal

People might want to hang around you to see if some of your charm and charisma will rub off on them. And you're perhaps too happy to share what you have with others, regardless of any gender or sexual preferences. This can, of course, lead to some awkward moments and situations where others aren't clear on what you want. Or what they want. Neither you nor they might be sure about your affections, or if they’re a means to an end. At times, you might feel a little of both. That's why you'll have to be more aware of how you cast your affections and intentions. For you, life is meant to be sensual, active, and appreciated, whether that directs you toward pleasures of the flesh or mind. This doesn't mean your libido is always amped up. It's more so that you're always on the lookout for opportunities to ease into a good time and you must take your fun seriously since others often will.    

Mars Sextile Venus Transit

If you're coupled with someone during this transit, it can bring a renewed appreciation of each other physically and emotionally, especially if you decide to catch some downtime together. Yet, if you're single, the line between affection and sexual attraction can get blurry for you or those around you. All you know is that you're very responsive and attracted to what seems to alive, active, and energizing. That includes social events, especially where people can be active, like a concert or dancing club. What's perhaps challenging is that you have enough options, even if only in your own mind, that you might not know exactly what you want. The temptation is to rush headlong into something, if only because the opportunity presents itself and feels right. That's okay if there are some boundaries. Otherwise, it's almost too easy to glide along into good times without much of a second thought about what comes next.  

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