Mars Conjunct Saturn

Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal

One of your greatest gifts is endurance, if only because life has taught you how to pace yourself and patiently wade through treacherous times. At times, these challenges have been frustrating, as if you’re living life with the brakes on. What might feel most disheartening is the suspicion that you’re holding yourself back. That’s probably true. You likely do oscillate between bravado and bracing yourself. But that’s because you’re learning how to conserve and dispense your energy wisely. You’re not trying to condition yourself for easy victories or soft landings. You truly want to know what you’re made of, and that often means that life will work on you like you’re a metal sheet that’s beaten and smoothened into shape. Yet, your life lessons aren’t for everybody. You needn’t be cruel to be thorough. Your finely-honed discipline and perseverance may be incentive and inspiration enough.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

Perhaps you’re too tightly bound by your own obligations and circumstances. You likely feel pent up and even suspect that you’re going to blow up at any moment. Yet, that capped tension is exactly your saving grace, if you’re patient and persevere. You must tap into your grit rather than succumb to griping about how life’s dealt you a bad hand. Take this transit as a test of your stamina, and you probably will do well by tackling a demanding task that requires endurance and planning. Working within limits, whether set up by you or another, is sometimes just what you need to unleash more of your true power and creativity. You might be tempted to seethe quietly or step into a passive-aggressive mode of addressing a problem. Instead, take your time as you speak up for yourself or some principle that you feel has been violated. You’ll feel quite accomplished if you do, if only because you overcame your own fears and limitations.  

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