Mars opposite Uranus

Mars Opposite Uranus Natal

Mars opposing UranusYou perpetually feel pressed to defend your originality and independence against circumstances and people who would dare to check it. The problem is that you could spend so much time defending yourself that you don't authentically get to enjoy your own life and live out the full scope of your unique talents. You likely stay on the move so much to keep unrestricted that not only are you hard to pin down, but the array of folks you fight could end up coming at and multiply. You no doubt have enough energy and inventiveness to tackle many of them. You're even willing to lend your energy and anger to other causes and people who are threatened by different forces. You relish the fast and furious life. Yet, you must decide whether you want to live like an endless string of firecrackers with fleeting shock value. Or you stick around long enough to be the liberated liberator you can be.  

Mars Opposite Uranus Transit

You dare to be different, or, at least, different from how you normally have been. You're also willing to dare others to tell you to be different than you want to be. Perhaps you're more willing to be provocative now if only to mark how you're progressing from how you used to be. And you're more than willing to be fast and get in someone's face to be certain. Of course, you must be prepared for others to be as resistant to your changes as you are insistent that they should happen. This will likely increase your anger and impatience. Yet, you might not see how this back and forth with others is really more about your uncertainty than about whether any reclamation of your originality and independence will hold. That's entirely up to you and always has been. This transiting burst of defiance is to help you along, not for you to diffuse its potency in a furious hurry, risking accidents and needless blow-ups.

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