Mars Sextile Mercury

Mars Sextile Mercury Natal

You have a perceptive and active mind that prompts you to be incessantly curious. But your curiosity usually has focus and directs you toward what's practical. You likely also have fine dexterity with your feet and hands and most things that require speed, hand-eye coordination, and quick decision making. In fact, what will often still your restless nerves is to do something with your hands. It's enough of distraction that allows your mind to relax yet stay focused. You're also often impulsive, especially with your words. But you also have sharp instincts, so many of your impulses will, at least, be good and accurate. Your awareness of how thoughts can be put into practice will likely continue to improve and refine as you age. Yet, what can thwart your progress is if you rest on your laurels and don't test your prowess with a little more stress occasionally. It's okay to know you're good. But it's great to know when you're performing at your best.

Mars Sextile Mercury Transit

Your mind might feel like it's gone through some kind of cosmic pencil sharpener and now feels sharp enough to do anything. Lavish your brain with puzzles or difficult problems to solve. Even if you come across something that proves harder to solve than you first anticipated, you'll still enjoy the challenge of it. And you're open to all kinds of friendly challenges, including discussing controversial topics as long as everyone mostly stays calm and polite. The restlessness that often comes with this transit allows you to enjoy all kinds of hand-eye exercises or games. Or engage in lightly vigorous exercises, like jump rope, that you might normally avoid. Yet, be sure that your newfound jolts of energy and engagement don’t overwhelm those who live or operate in close quarters with you regularly. It might be quite an adjustment for them, and you should keep an eye out for whether you're disturbing them, if they don't complain first.

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