Mars Square Neptune

Mars Square Neptune Natal

You sometimes might fantasize like you're a secret agent who's readying for their special mission. In many ways, you're making that fantasy a reality, though it's sometimes difficult for you to find the real-world ways that this exists. You live for the idea of helping those in need or serving something greater than yourself. It prompts you to feel special by doing something special for others. Yet, when things don't turn out as magically as you dreamed, you're crestfallen, and your bright fantasies of being a caped crusader turn into dark scenarios where you can score your revenge. Or you slink away into something else that makes you feel good about yourself, like video games, drugs, or sex. But what makes the work you do special isn't about someone or something else outside yourself. The sacredness of your mission is blessed by your own sincerity and willingness to be of service. Tap clearly into that, and you have all the magic you need.

Mars Square Neptune Transit

You're moved to act from the noblest of impulses, but you struggle to keep to the high road, especially when others are involved. Perhaps others respond to you selfishly and take more than their fair share of your time or resources. Or people mistake your good intentions for bad ones and try to shame you. Regardless, you can wind up feeling down about yourself and what you do, if you don't stick to your principles and your own sense of boundaries. You also might be inclined to lash out in underhanded ways in order to punish those who sully your ideal vision of yourself or your intentions. Your energy might also be low during this transit, so you should be careful not to do too much. You want to do so much, but perhaps your high-minded ideals need to heed the wisdom of your gut. Chances are if you're not feeling well or have reason to keep your distance from a certain venture or person, then you would do well to listen.

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