Mars Trine Venus

Mars Trine Venus Natal

You best feel like yourself when you're doing something you enjoy, especially with another. It's not that you can't be yourself when you're alone. You can, and you also likely have no problems asserting yourself when necessary. But you perhaps fundamentally believe that life is better shared, and you have a lot that you enjoy sharing, such as your passions, delights, pastimes, and overall zest for life. You're willing to work hard if there's a clear benefit and your job is not so demanding of your time and energy that there's little left over for fun. But you're more than frequently willing to set enjoyable work aside to relish the sweeter and finer aspects of life a little, especially romance. If you can’t do that often enough, you'll probably find something else fast that will keep the good times flowing. In fact, you see the bond between heart and body as sacred, so you take great offense to anything that defiles that bond.

Mars Trine Venus Transit

You're more inclined to pull down and enjoy any "low-hanging fruit," in all its guises. For instance, it might surface, if you're single, as a casual dating situation, like having a friend "with benefits." You're more than willing to take the easy route with things, and it's harder to resist temptations as they bob up. Yet, this transit can be a welcome reminder to have fun if you've been too stressed with work and life's intermittent pressures. If you're already in a relationship, you feel more attuned to matching and meeting your needs with your partner. You also want to have more pleasurable experiences with those dear to you, including experiencing delightful foods and physical activities, like dancing. What's refreshing is that you won't labor hard or search long for any of life's nectars. You'll likely find them right under your nose.

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