Mars Trine Saturn

Mars Trine Saturn Natal

You're a master at the long game. You generally like to come in with a strategy, and then proceed methodically and incrementally along until you reach your destination or goal. You're long on stamina and patience, yet short on spontaneity and improvisation. Or maybe it's better to say that you don't like surprises much, whether you must spring one, or you're a "victim" of it. Unexpected changes perhaps annoy you because they introduce too many unpredictable variables to your well-coordinated and planned activities. Eventually, you'll adjust, but one downside to your masterful talents as a steady and reliable force is that you don't adapt quickly to change. You'd just rather trudge along with what you know works. Yet, sometimes "what works" can perform better if you open yourself to looking at things differently. You might not even need to make major changes. You'll know quickly whether any changes need to be a tweak or an overhaul.  

Mars Trine Saturn Transit

Once you've locked in a course of action for a goal or destination, you feel you have the stamina and power of a Mack truck. You seem to have your schedule down to a science, finding it easy to stay on track with a regular routine. You might come to believe that the ultimate key to success is control, and you appear to possess loads of it. Then life happens—all the other things and people you can't control surface. And your neat plans fray some. Fortunately, the smoothness of this transit allows you to roll with life's punches. You're still good to go for the long haul. But working with the unexpected might take a lot out of you. Or you're tempted to ignore any need to change and believe that things might work out on their own in time. Chances are you're operating with a short-term timetable that would better benefit from accepting the change.

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