Mars opposite Jupiter

Mars Opposite Jupiter Natal

You might mistake your high energy and deep convictions as a calling to go forth and convert others to what you see as in their best interest or as a self-evident truth. You oversell your perceptions and insights rather than trusting that your sincerity and clarity are enough. And it's important that you stay mindful of your sincerity because otherwise, you could lose sight of the immense good that you can perform for others. You definitively want to make the world a better place. But part of that is acknowledging that the world is a big place and there's room enough in it for you and others to improve it in different ways. That allows you to focus more on connecting with others who share your vision rather than engaging in epic battles with folks who want to pave a path different from your own.  

Mars Opposite Jupiter Transit

You perhaps have frequent moments when you do too much when a simple, direct way is best. You more so can't trust that enough is indeed enough. So, it's not sufficient for you to be enthusiastic, but you or others have to be over the moon with excitement! Otherwise, you can't be sure that any of your endeavors will thrive. Or you can’t be 100% confident that co-workers, associates, or partners are fully behind you. You might spend more time trying to convince others or even yourself that you're up to snuff with a challenging task rather than acting from the earnestness of your convictions. If you're solidly moving forward from what you believe and know as true, then you likely can see clearly when there's room for opportunity and persuasion and when there's a closed door. Don't waste your time banging on closed doors when you can walk into more open doors and get a whole lot more done.

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