Mars opposite Mercury

Mars Opposite Mercury Natal

You're usually driven to get somewhere or make your point effectively and fast. This often means that "slower" people are often in your way. This can yield frequent negative results for you. First, you might repeatedly have accidents, with a vehicle or not, and it won't always be the other person’s fault. In fact, it might take a lot for you to admit your own mistakes since you frequently don't see errors with your own judgment. Next, you can often find yourself locked in debates or arguments with people because you assume you've already thought through their perspective and can see past it. This may or may not be true, but it's wholly irrelevant. Others are entitled to express themselves as equally as you are, at their own speed and pace. Most often, they only want to be heard. You can save yourself lots of time and avoid unnecessary anger if you would just listen rather than race to the point.  

Mars Opposite Mercury Transit

You might rush to get somewhere and end up in an avoidable accident. Or add too much gusto to a discussion and land in a heated argument. There's likely no doubt that you're ready to be on the go and effectively say what's on your mind. Your energy is not the problem. It's a blessing. If you were to take a little more time as you travel or listen as much or more than you speak, you'd be able to do a lot more. That might be hard to believe, and that's more the problem. You aren't willing to trust that you can be heard and get where you want to go without obstacles or challenges. Yet, even if you do face contention, you must somehow be confident that a solution can and will be found with others. Your energy can be directed toward cooperation as much as you're inclined toward competition.

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