Mars Conjunct Sun

Mars Conjunct Sun Natal

You burn with a lot of energy and zest for life. Perhaps you feel that if you're not in motion, then you aren't living. You're perpetually scouting for "peak" experiences—experiences that let you feel both at your best and that push you to be better, if not the best at what you do. You value your independence highly and want most to feel unfettered, by nearly anything or anyone. This can direct you to be super-competitive. Yet, from your perspective, you're only competing with yourself. But your focus might be too single-minded and doesn't leave enough room to be considerate of others. If other people threaten too much of your own pursuits and fiercely guarded independence, you can become aggressive. When that happens, you instead end up trapped by your anger and determination. You’ll try to show that person who's boss rather than keep up with your original intentions.        

Mars Conjunct Sun Transit

Your passions and fervor for life are more inflamed. The positive manifestation of this transit is that you know what you want, and you have enough energy to pursue it. You're also less willing to take "no" for an answer or be easily discouraged by obstacles. You'll have to better manage your ego, though. You're certainly bolder and more determined to get what you want. But you perhaps are more stoked about winning at any cost rather than creating the best solution for all parties involved. You could easily slip into a "the ends justify the means" behavior. You're also more inclined to see yourself in a better light than perhaps you've earned or as others would see you. Recognize that your real power isn't victory over others, but victory over yourself and your own inhibitions to achieve your goals. Not seeing that, you become your greatest enemy. Yet, you can easily become a great ally for many.  

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