Mars Square Saturn

Mars Square Saturn Natal

You’ve heard that "slow and steady wins the race" all your life and you're likely sick of crawling along. Yet, your determination and grit are your strengths. The build-up of inner tensions, like anger or frustration, can wear down on you. Yet, you endure and survive. You'll come to thrive more when you relish that survival is winning. Griping about your progress compared to how well others appear to be doing is missing a very important message that life's delivering. You are your greatest obstacle. Lashing out at others and yourself will only distract you from pushing forward with your own goals and dreams. You're not meant to walk anyone else's path but your own. And, truthfully, few others could walk along with your own. You're probably not welling up with pride about that fact. Yet, it's your humility in the face of trying circumstances that adds shine to your character. Anger and impatience will only tarnish it.    

Mars Square Saturn Transit

You perhaps feel like you're living life with the brakes on. You want to go faster and bolder, but you hold yourself back. You stress yourself out thinking about all the ways your initiatives could go wrong. You don't trust your own abilities fully. Or you fear that others won’t trust and listen to you. Yet, inching along is still movement. Don't confuse slow and steady with thinking that you can't win, or you'll be stuck at the starting line. If you stick to your path, you're more likely to find your rhythm and that's the key thing you need now—pacing. As you pace yourself, you'll figure out times and points when you can go faster or slower. Banish quitting or surrender from your mind. Just keep going. That determination is what's going to get you beyond the obstacles, internally and externally, that line your course.

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