Mars Trine Sun

Mars Trine Sun Natal

You feel born to be a winner, and you likely have a winning personality that keeps others rooting for you. You enjoy the support that others seem to give you effortlessly, and you often reciprocate with striving to give them exactly what they want. You have an inherent belief in the goodness of people and your confidence likely stems from this belief that if you are indeed smiling than the world will smile with you. It's perhaps difficult for you to understand or wholly sympathize with people who seem perpetually angry or distressed by their lives and troubling situations. You try to be encouraging to them, but eventually, you'll venture off elsewhere if your efforts seem to have no effect. You expect results, though they don't have to be necessarily instant. But you can become easily discouraged if you don't see eventual results. Something else always seems to come up where you can show your natural talents easily.  

Mars Trine Sun Transit

You feel confident that if you give your best that you will net great results. It seems easy for you to gain support, and to lend your support to others. You're more than ready to encourage those who are downtrodden and won't hesitate to stand up for what you think is right. This is an excellent time frame to initiate projects, especially any endeavors that emphasize leadership, innovation, or goodwill. You also have a competitive edge since you probably feel calm and confident. You have a near sixth sense that everything will work out, even when things don't look great initially. Teamwork, of all kinds, is also highly favored as you can share your good vibes with others and seem to get them back in return. It doesn't matter if you're cheering from the sidelines or on the field. You're willing to give the best that your heart and soul can muster now.

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