Mars Sextile Jupiter

Mars Sextile Jupiter Natal

You possess a steady confidence paired with a unique talent to sniff out opportunities that others might call lucky. You're mostly optimistic, so you tend to expect better outcomes, even when others have experienced worse in similar conditions as yours. The challenge, though, for you is to know when to push your "luck" and to embrace more restraint. You might bristle at anything that seems to diminish your possibilities for success. You fundamentally believe that you should be able to try anything at least once. But it's just not possible to attempt everything. So, you'll have to become better at figuring out your priorities, and it just can't be for the adventure of it all. Life itself is an adventure and each wise decision you make becomes a way to expand your experience of its wonders. But that can only happen a day at a time.    

Mars Sextile Jupiter Transit

You feel like lady luck is not only smiling at you, but gently holding your hand. Embrace the confidence of this transit and know your eyes are sharp enough to spot both missing details in your efforts and catch choice opportunities. But don't wait for someone to discover what you do. Be prepared to make good on your enthusiasm and cheer with setting up meetings or potential prospects. Set up clear objectives and priorities for what you want, otherwise, you're more likely to make less than optimal decisions. You are more than willing to give your all for the chief goals that you can see within your sights. Yet, your thirst for all and every option might be a problem now. You can't satisfy every demand, whether they're of your own making or what you agree to do for or with others. So, you will have to carefully pick and choose where you'll direct your energies and loyalties.

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