Mars Trine Pluto

Mars Trine Pluto Natal

You're a natural turbine encased in flesh and bone. You are able to transmute pain and trauma into the best of motivations for excellence and success. You also have a doggedness to press on amidst turbulence with grace and class. You trust your ability to power through most things, perhaps even taking that for granted when you shouldn't. You perhaps have trouble knowing when you should pause and recuperate rather than soldier on. You might also have trouble surrendering because you feel others depend on your strength and stamina. If you yield, then maybe you fear that the lights will go out with all the people and projects that you power. On some level, this is hubris. You must stay connected to your own source of energy and vitality. Life also has as much persistence as you, and people will adjust to your absences.  

Mars Trine Pluto Transit

You're prone to launch deep into anything that compels your interest. Although you're also liable to have tunnel vision now, it's not from any blindness or short-sightedness on your part. It's a desire to be so absorbed in your task that you seem to merge with whatever and whoever is involved. You might be very protective of your time and resources, as well as anything that might compromise the focus and abilities of anyone connected to your endeavors. Many won't mind this because they'll likely see that it comes from a benevolent place in your heart. Yet, you could demonstrate a level of commitment and zeal for what you do that few can match. Then you must be careful that your protectiveness doesn't turn into vindictiveness because others aren't in harmony with the all-encompassing objective. Even if it's not a goal set by you, you must not lose sight that your relationship to that objective is your own, not everyone else's.

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