Mars Sextile Saturn

Mars Sextile Saturn Natal

You likely value competence and responsibility highly. One positive aspect of this is that you happily work with others who hold those values in great esteem, too. In other words, you’re very conscientious. You're also meticulous and methodical with your work and actions, trying to find the right balance between speed, efficiency, and thoroughness. Unfortunately, when you can't come up with the right formula for this, you can become very frustrated with yourself or others. You're most judgmental of those who don't even try to balance one or any of those elements. Then the challenging part of this aspect surfaces and you can become passive-aggressive in a situation rather than expressing your frustrations and needs. Overall, you fear you're not living up to your own ideals of competence in asking more of others. Yet, the problem isn't in asking. It's all how you do it, and you can use your same conscientiousness to figure that out.

Mars Sextile Saturn Transit

Your stamina, determination, and rigor likely make you a sought-after collaborator or co-worker. You seem to know exactly what to do in a pinch, and you're able to do a lot with a little. Yet, you can lose your cool if you feel someone isn't carrying their fair share. You’d rather avoid a derailing or distracting conflict. You also might be tempted to find a work-around with them or their work. Although you're attentive to speed and time, you'd rather take on extra loads of work than cut corners or fail at completing what you've set out to do. But it's better to find a way to be direct about what's not working for you. Or to scratch your involvement altogether with any endeavor that's less than thorough. Generally, though, you're grounded yet flexible enough to make whatever you set out to do work. You needn’t fear disappointment if you stay that way.

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