Mars Trine Uranus

Mars Trine Uranus Natal

You're usually an early adopter for most things innovative, interesting, and unique. You don't necessarily go seeking out these changes as much as you're a magnet for them. You look for ways to integrate radical notions into the status quo. But not necessarily because you're trying to protect convention. But because you will use whatever helps you live better, faster, and more efficient. Yet, your love for all things novel can be its own kind of trap. You perhaps might discard what's traditional without thinking whether it's outlived its full usefulness and relevance. You might race too fast to change to switch things up. You might also alter your schedule and lifestyle so readily that change is your only constant. Not everyone will be able to keep up with the shifts, so you'll regularly have to keep people abreast of what you're doing. Most likely that's going to be just before you eventually shift to something else.  

Mars Trine Uranus Transit

You're looking to transform anything common in your life into something uncommon, if not outright extraordinary. This isn't as pie in the sky as it might sound, and you likely know that in your gut. And you're not prone to believe anyone who tries to tell you differently anyway, because you're perhaps too tired, bored or limited by the usual ways of doing things. It works in your favor that you're not looking to stir much controversy now. You only want to take concrete steps toward revitalizing how your life works, from how you file your paperwork to how you connect with co-workers. And you can make those changes because you have a spark that compels people to listen, even if they're scared by the risk of change or disagree with your point of view. You're also able to press your point gently, more like a sea breeze rather than a crushing wave.

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