Mars opposite Sun

Mars Opposite Sun Natal

You often feel that you're in lifelong battles with others for self-definition, but it's really with yourself. It's perhaps hard to see that since you often must scrap so hard and often with others—sometimes over small issues and other times for your very survival. This is perhaps because you've cycled through various mixes of fear, courage, and perception about how you see yourself or others. At times, you've feared that the needs and demands of others will extinguish any of your own needs and desires. At other times, you've been more than willing to force yourself on others. Yet, this eternal battle of willpowers will likely end the moment you can be supremely confident that no one can extinguish your light. Then, you’ll be able to assert your own will with complete respect, grace, and determination without negating or dominating anyone. You will continue to shine your light with or without opposition.  

Mars Opposite Sun Transit

You likely must assert yourself in some way that could lead to open conflict and resolution of a challenging situation. The battle might have been avoided in the not too distant past, but perhaps you couldn't resolve within yourself how to proceed or even whether you even wanted to do so. On the surface, it might seem that you’re at loggerheads with someone else's ego. It doesn't matter how big anyone's ego is here, including your own. It's the perception that you can't get what you want and the other person is inclined to think the same. Yet, what you both might be missing is that you can hone-in on what's essential for each of you and negotiate a solution that works mutually. Or you can choose to walk away if there's no possible resolution. Yet your pride maybe keeps you tied together in combat because you both want to win. Yet, there's nothing to win, if you're not winning or moving forward.

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