Mars Sextile Sun

Mars Sextile Sun Natal

You glow with a natural warmth toward all creatures. Some feel your heat as confidence, others feel it as genuine goodwill. You especially like folks who are willing to greet the world with the same openness and cheer as you. You don't necessarily have to work at giving off your heat, and that's why others are often receptive to it. You come off as sincere. Yet, you’re not always comfortable about the obligations and expectations you so easily draw. You fear you might not be able to keep up with the demand or even want to. You needn’t fear. Your cheer pours out of you most effortlessly when you're hooked into something or someone who inspires that happiness and encouragement. You’re learning that the heat is there for you to bring when you need it. As you master that lesson, you'll find it even easier to be the bold, bright beacon of courage and hope that others see in you.  

Mars Sextile Sun Transit

You likely feel stronger in spirit and body. But it's a strength that's supple and pliant, allowing you to be flexible and yet firm when necessary. You're ready to greet challenging circumstances with a lot more cheer and confidence than usual, and it's likely to be noticed.' You seem to gracefully move around and over obstacles rather than try to knock them out. Opportunities to collaborate or advance come easily now, because more will want to experience your magic for themselves. You also find it easier to stand up for yourself in a pleasing manner without inciting calamity or controversy. The key is to know and trust that you have the strength and attitude to face whatever comes your way. When you're distracted by "what ifs" or fear rather than enjoying what you already can do and have, then that's when you lose your magic.

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