Mars Sextile Moon

Mars Sextile Moon Natal

Your tank doesn't ever fully reach "empty." On one hand, that's remarkably good. You usually feel well enough to keep up a happy face with others, even those who even frequently annoy you. Likewise, you often have just enough reserves of energy to accomplish much of what you want to do on a daily basis. Yet, what's challenging for you is that you frequently feel a low-key restlessness, whether you've had nights of full rest or not. You’re never drained enough to relax completely. You feel ready-made for action even when there's no need for it. Fortunately, this doesn't add a great deal of stress to your life since you can be like an idling car, on but not in motion. But it does mean that you might regularly feel guilty that there's always more you could've done for yourself or others. Yet, sometimes the only thing to do is nothing.

Mars Sextile Moon Transit

You feel alert and ready for most things, negative or positive, that come your way. Waves of energy seem to surge through your body. Perhaps you can't decide whether you're restless or excited. Maybe even a mixture of both. You just know you have to move, to do something. It's a great time to step up any of your exercise regimens. Or to take active steps to change bad habits or clear toxins from your body. You both can and want to be a better vessel for your life mission. You also find it easy to work with those who have a similar mindset and sense of purpose. Though you're more easy-going, you're not so light-hearted that you're also not serious about seeing results of your efforts. You do have something to prove, if only to yourself. Yet, you must also keep enough humility and patience to believe that with consistent effort and faith, you'll make your mark.

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