Mars opposite Saturn

Mars Opposite Saturn Natal

You're often tasked with how to express your own personal authority against or alongside another's. When you can’t properly get yours out, then frustration builds and usually morphs into anger. It doesn't necessarily matter whether your anger or another’s is justified or not, or whether the other person has abused their authority or not. What matters most is how you engage that impasse. This opposition is mostly a test of character as you will have to persevere in adverse circumstances without completing losing emotional control and your own personal sovereignty. In other words, you must find some disciplined way to channel your energy rather than letting your emotions run away with you. Similarly, you must learn to have more patience with your progress, not to focus on what others have or don't have. You must come to trust that your prize and victory are waiting for you, if you keep moving along steadily.  

Mars Opposite Saturn Natal Transit

You must have patience with yourself and others while you endure a number of tests to see how ready and fortified you are to move ahead with your life purpose and goals. You're perhaps tempted to wail at a fundamental injustice against you. Like, you're angry about getting overlooked again for a promotion. Or you just feel stuck and alone in a life trap. You likely have to step back from your situation somehow and realize that your challenges are not wholly by accident. Think of this transit as highlighting all the gaps in how to best understand yourself, your goals, and others. Maybe, for example, you naively shared more information than you should have with a colleague, and now they're farther along than you. The lesson is not to be selfish, but to be more observant and discreet. Likewise, you might need to own all the ways that you've not kept up with your personal and professional development.

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