Mars Trine Neptune

Mars Trine Neptune Natal

You want to perform miracles. Perhaps you won't readily transform water into wine. But you dream of raising a bar high enough that you must practically fly to clear it. And no one can you tell otherwise. This isn't really a bad thing, and most times you know that. You feel people have learned to set their sights too low and narrow, thinking what's possible is only what's likely. Likewise, you're hooked into a sense that we're more connected to each other and perhaps other forces than we actively perceive. Even if you don't call "what goes around comes around" karma or anything spiritual, you believe that we should be inspired to live up to ideals that favor goodwill toward all. What can be difficult is how you might attack yourself if you somehow fail to meet your skyscraping standards. You must remember to be as kind and gentle with yourself as you aspire to be with others.

Mars Trine Neptune Transit

You might be more sensitive during this transit, but you're still sharp in particular ways. For starters, you're quick to stand up for yourself when you feel someone is undermining you. You're willing to lend that same fierceness to others. You see more things connected than separated. So, you're inclined to work hard to fix injustices, even if that seems impossible. This also bodes well for charitable work, whether you're providing direct service or somehow able to help others anonymously. It might be difficult though for you to accept when it's time to surrender. Ultimately, the wisdom of this transit is to know that there is a larger flow at work. Yet, we must be wise enough to know when to swim with or against the current. Or when we just need to get out of the water and just chill out. You must be sensitive to your gut and what’s happening around you to know for sure.

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