Mars Conjunct Venus

Mars Conjunct Venus Natal

You likely have sex appeal and charm without much effort. Perhaps you don’t realize how much you have until you’re a young adult. This ease might be stressful occasionally because you attract more people than you’d like to know. Likewise, you also might have trouble deciding who, when, or even whether you want to pull folks close to you or push them away. You might try a little of both sometimes. Of course, this is not only confusing for you but others who desire to know or understand you, whether with romantic intentions or not. It’s also easy for you to add an air of competition to any of your relationships and connections. You both strive to improve yourself in relationships with others, and you want to know that you’re relating to someone who’s also giving their best. You don’t consider yourself a slacker and you don’t want to be paired with any.

Mars Conjunct Venus Transit

Your sex appeal and interest in romance score a boost. Make time for more dates, especially if you can make them more active and physical with sex, dancing, or more leisurely long walks, for example. Or if romance isn’t an interest now, put more effort into whatever activity pleases you. Or adding more flair and flourish to your wardrobe. You expect more from others, mostly because you’re also willing to do more for and with others. This can be an adjustment for those around you if they’ve become complacent with how they give and share. That might invariably lead to more anger and arguments, if you’re not patient. The energy you feel and crave, though, won’t last forever. So, look at this booster conjunction as a jumpstart for what’s been stalled in your connections with others. Unfortunately, you might also see that some relationships and pleasures are far beyond stalled—they’re over.  

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