Mars Trine Jupiter

Mars Trine Jupiter Natal

It might seem as if the wind is always in your sails and that means you're "blessed and highly favored." There's no doubt that you experience your fair share of good luck and opportunity. But there's also the possibility that you take your fortune in two ways that could work against you. You perhaps forge ahead as if everything will go right, and you can do no wrong. This could lead you to have needless mishaps and accidents that you otherwise could avoid if you planned better. Likewise, you might deal with others in a self-righteous manner that turns others off, although you only intend the best for them. In fact, you're at your mind-body-soul coordinated best when you are certain that you can improve yours or someone else's circumstances. Yet, it might be best to let someone ask for help or wait until there's no question they need it before you jump in.  

Mars Trine Jupiter Transit

More of your brawn and brains unite now to inspire you toward significant achievement. Perhaps more than you’ve experienced in a few years. Likewise, you possess enough foresight and well-considered options that you're breezily confident that you can achieve what you desire without breaking the bank or your back. You're also willing to be as generous with your time and resources to help others out as well. What might be most challenging is how you manage resistance if you come across any. You must be careful not to let your optimism prompt you to count your chickens before they hatch. Similarly, your laudable desire to help others can easily wreak of condescension if someone is just as determined to get along without your help. Stay open to the fact that there's more than one read to a situation, and it's not always what you think is the most obvious one.

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