Mars Conjunct Pluto

Mars Conjunct Pluto Natal

You have deeper reserves of energy than most nuclear reactors and oil wells. Energy churns in you and through you, and perhaps it’s immensely frustrating that you don't know how to get more of it out. Or you fear that if you released more, you and others around you wouldn't be able to handle it. Yet if you stay capped up, then your bountiful reserves will become a toxic rage in your mind. You must find meaningful ways to discharge this cauldron of energy, losing the fear that it can and will annihilate you or others. It's not that there isn't any danger with your forcefulness. But with a clear mission and directive, you're capable of doing so much more good than any evil you need fear will happen. Sharing your highly capable power with the world is exactly the kind of risk that makes life worth living for you.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit

Life must have more meaning and depth for you now, and you're willing to do nearly anything to make that happen. Mostly because you're perhaps obsessed with getting at the bottom of whatever fascinates and intrigues you. Your will is heightened now, and that's a plus if there's a herculean task you must accomplish. But if you don't have a mission or outlet, then your compulsions will possibly loop in your mind and body with restlessness and insomnia. Or you can feel such a powerful rage that it's hard to know ahead what will set you off and you fear that you’ll blow on someone innocent. The pent up energy, though, hasn't come from nowhere. You probably owe it to yourself to dig deeper into your psyche to see where you've felt denied or thwarted. This transit is a gift to push through and on.

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