Venus Trine Jupiter

Venus Trine Jupiter Natal

A trine between Venus and Jupiter in your natal chart gives you a generous and uplifting personality and makes you an inspirational presence within your relationships. When you fully commit to following your passions and desires, you have an innate ability to find support and connect with the resources you need. You are likely not only to be idealistic, but also to embody elements of the philosophies and ideals you find meaningful. While you have the ability to pursue and manifest your own desires and needs, you also have a compassionate nature and are willing to reach out to others in need of support. Since you do well in collaboration and can create mutually supportive relationships, you thrive as part of a group or association of people sharing your ideals and values. You also have a knack for bringing people together and figuring out how to find common ground for mediation when there has been disagreement within group dynamics.

Venus Trine Jupiter Transit

You’re likely to become aware of fortuitous opportunities for expansion and growth in your relationships, your creative process, or your finances when transiting Venus trines your natal Jupiter. This is a good time to say “yes” to new opportunities. Even if they appear challenging in some way, they will have a tendency to lead to positive and beneficial developments one way or another. You may or may not be able to fully manifest the projects you begin now as you initially intend. But the creative process they lead you to engage with spurs vital growth within you. It can also be a restorative time period in which you find stability after a previous time of volatility, disruption, or change. For the most part, you will have a healthy sense of confidence that supports you in overcoming obstacles and taking necessary risks to improve your circumstances. Since the main danger of this time is overconfidence, make sure you’re paying attention to the reality and results of whatever you’re working on and not overlooking details. This transit supports making restorative repairs and modifications.  

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