Moon Square Jupiter

Moon Square Jupiter Natal

Being born with the moon in a square aspect with Jupiter, you are someone with big feelings who is emotionally demonstrative with those you care about. It’s not hard to know how you are feeling about someone or something, as you are emotionally expressive and are not even interested in hiding your feelings. You have large aspirations and are drawn toward grand enterprises that can make it difficult for you to have the time and space to tend to your inner emotional needs. On the positive side, you are less likely to keep yourself confined within a comfort zone due to wanting to keep things stable, avoiding change. You are willing to take risks and leave the familiar for an inspiring vision calling you toward an unknown future. However, sometimes you will need to rebalance the tension between your emotional needs and desire for expansive growth if you want to maintain stable and harmonious intimate relationships.

Moon Square Jupiter Transit

When the transiting moon forms a square aspect with your natal Jupiter, you may feel your beliefs are being challenged in some way. This is only a temporary transit that lasts for a day, yet it could bring a critical moment that leads you to question the underlying motivations behind your aspirations. The source of the challenge may come through emotional dynamics in your relationships in which an issue you had previously not been aware of comes directly to your awareness. You may also become aware of a conflict between the needs of your family or personal relationships with your larger ambitions in the world. In addition, this transit could also correlate with events that inspire you to reach out to others in need, sharing emotional or financial resources to help lift someone out of a difficult circumstance. You also could become drawn toward excessive behavior, such as spending a large amount of money on a purchase or overindulging in food or other substances, so it will be helpful to keep in mind a sense of your personal and material limits so that you do not exceed them.

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